Technical Works

The Roads & Works Department is the Engineering Division of the Local Authority and its main objective is to facilitate the efficient delivery of service in relation to the development and maintenance of the following areas:

  • Parochial infrastructure, such as roads and bridges
  • Public amenities, which include public sanitary conveniences, abattoirs, markets and cemeteries
  • Minor water supply operations
  • Transportation centres car park and municipal buildings
  • Technical expertise in the regulation of building, subdivision and other development activities

The safety and security of buildings is ensured by the process of building approvals. The overall structure is assessed based on plans presented and their conformance with the building code. The Roads & Works Department also issues building permits for all types of structures, both residential and commercial.

Based on the Medium Term Socio-Economic Policy Framework 2012-2015 which outlines critical targets which need to be embarked on in an effort to achieve the overarching National Outcomes of Vision 2030, the Local Authorities are tasked to “Improve physical infrastructure of local authorities” which is linked to National Outcome #6, entitled Effective Governance. The implementation of this activity saw improvements in the aesthetics and capacity of public buildings. Citizens were able to conduct their business in a safe and secure facility.


The Parochial Road Network, which includes roads in housing developments that the LAs have taken responsibility for as well as some land settlement and farm roads. Despite the importance placed on the Medium Term  Socio-Economic Policy Framework 2012-2015,  charging the LAs to  “Improve inter-institutional arrangements for construction and management of main and parochial road networks”, the resources available to maintain the Parochial Road Network in reality have never been sufficient to meet actual needs. The island has a road network of 25,408 km of which the LAs have responsibility for approximately 14,895km or 58%. Table 1 shows the work done to improve the road network.

 Table 1 shows the work done to improve the road network 2012-13
Local Authority Patching (m) Bushing (m) Rehabilitation (m) Other
Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation 32,720 -- -- --
Clarendon 4,230 93,200 13,525 75
Manchester 8,024 245,414 -- 341
St. Elizabeth   117,204.75   2,168
Westmoreland 4,906 84,261 6,074.5 6,925
Hanover 950 28,700 -- 1,850
St. James 18,000 -- 1,850 8,205
St. Ann 1,278 29,580 -- 1,414
Trelawny 600 96,110 1,600 60, 8,280
St. Mary 2,327.5 -- 10,591 4,163
Portland 1,190 176,814 410 700
St. Thomas -- -- 265 48,065
St. Catherine -- -- -- 24,479

Table 1 above outlines the various road works executed by the LAs in patching, bushing and rehabilitation during the year 2012-13. Additionally, other road works such as marling, clearing of landslides, paving were done. The St. Catherine Parish Council’s report on roads did not include the type or cost of the work. The St. James Parish Council expended two million, eight hundred and thirty four thousand, and three hundred and sixty dollars ($2,834,360.00) in the renovation and rehabilitation of bridges.

Table 2 below outlines the Local Authorities' progress in maintaining the country’s parochial road network and drains from funds received from Parochial Revenue Fund and EF. It also outlines  the road works  executed by the LAs in patching, bushing and rehabilitation.

Table 2: Type and Quantity of drainage and road work done by the LAs for the period 2013 – 2014

Local Authority Road Repairs (KM) Drainage (KM) Bushing  (KM) Patching (Sq. M)
St. Thomas 10.0 65 84 5,000
Portland 9.00 84 230 9,000
St. Mary 7.50 62 110 720
St. Ann 19.20 271 271 9,000
Trelawny 10.00 194 194 12,000
St. James 5.00 130 130 50,800
Hanover 2.00 10 17 1,450
Westmoreland 6.60 150 158 3,500
St. Elizabeth 20.80 109 117 6,000
Manchester 7.80 466 466 2,004
Clarendon 14.22 10 155 2,100
St. Catherine 21.20 39 14 8,070
KSAC 30.12 102 90 18,600
Portmore - 5 21 55,489
Totals 163.44 1,697 2,057 183,733

Drains and Gullies

In an effort to mitigate the risk of loss of lives and property through flooding, the LAs undertook the maintenance and repairs of a number of drains and gullies for the 2012 – 2013 Financial Year. Based on reports submitted by twelve of the fourteen councils, two hundred and ninety two million six hundred eighty four thousand seven hundred thirty five dollars and forty four cents ($292,684,735.44) was spent in this endeavour.  Table 3 below outlines the drains and gullies that were cleaned and the associated cost by each LA with the exception of Manchester Parish Council and Portmore Municipality.   The KSAC consumed the highest cost for the cleaning of drains and gullies totalling ninety one million five hundred twelve thousand one hundred and twenty eight dollars ($91,512,128.00) followed by St. Elizabeth Parish Council sixty five million four hundred and sixty thousand eight hundred and thirty seven dollars ($65,460,837.00), then Westmoreland Parish Council with thirty nine million one hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($39,150,000.00).  The Hanover Parish Council only submitted the total length of drains cleaned (21500m3) the cost of repairs was stated.

Table 3: Drains and Gullies Cleaned and Repaired by the Local Authorities 2012 – 2013

Local Authorities Length of Drains and Gullies Cost
Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation 34,410.92m $91,512.128.00
St. Mary 165,270.5m $22,905,500.00
St. Catherine 59.8km $14,950,000.00
St. James 2,100m $1,074,320.44
St. Thomas 54,428m $22,702,050.00
Trelawny 29,500m $6,350,000.00
Manchester -- --
Portland 9,673.6m $7,255,200.00
St. Ann 13,111m $12,184,700.00
Westmoreland 87,000m $39,150,000.00
Clarendon 8,903m $9,140,000.00
Hanover 21,500m --
St. Elizabeth 79,731.9m $65,460,837.00
Total -- $292,684,735.44