Proposed Traffic Changes St. Ann's Bay

The St. Ann Parish Council in conjunction with the Area Traffic Authority will heighten efforts to regulate the Township of St. Ann’s Bay.  In a combined effort to promote the free movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic and smooth business operations the following traffic changes will be implemented:
1.) Main Street- Which now only accommodates one way traffic will be opened to two way traffic up to Church Street (from the St. Ann’s Bay Roundabout leading to the Cemetery and to the Courthouse.
2.) Main Street- from Church Street down to the intersection of Bravo Street will be accommodating one way traffic flowing in an easterly direction.
3.) Harbour Street- The entire roadway will be turned into a one way flowing in a westerly direction.
4.) Wharf Street will be turned into a one way heading North to South.
5.) Market Street will be turned into a one way heading north to South from the Main Street intersection at the Town Clock.
6.) Bravo Street –One way from intersection at Main Street to Park Avenue heading in Northerly direction.
The Council craves your understanding while we seek to have cohesive and improved conditions in the town.
Secretary Manager
St. Ann Parish Council